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Dance Therapy FAQ

Dance therapy FAQ: FAQ

Do I have to have dance experience to do DMT?

Absolutely not! DMT is an embodied movement practice, but it does not require any dance experience or training. You are welcome to come with a little, a lot, or no dance experience. We all move, and Eden will work with you to find music and movement styles you enjoy and find most meaningful. DMT opens up possibilities to expand your movement profile, engage in new forms of moving, relating, and creating.

Are you accepting new clients right now?

Due to the ever-evolving landscape with COVID-19, I am accepting new clients, but will be following all public health guidelines. Virtual sessions are a possibility, and I would be happy to discuss options with you.

Currently, I am looking to begin virtual dance therapy sessions for the following populations:

- Adults: destress and connect 

- Seniors: gentle movement, creative exploration.

- Couples: with dementia and/or Parkinson's disease. 

What takes place in a typical DMT session?

DMT sessions typically begin with some sort of embodied warm up, to check-in with how we are doing. From there, the therapist responds to the expressions of the client to explore personal narratives, tensions, aspirations, and work towards resolution in movement. Sessions may involve (but not necessarily include) verbal sharing, props, and times of stillness.

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